Dance Erotic Show Dreamgirls


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Allow us to introduce you to the theatrical dance erotic Luxury Show "DreamGirls".
Each performance is thoroughly and thoughtfully created by choreographers, musicians, fashion-designers and performed by talented, professional dancers.
There are spectacular equipment, transforming costumes aгnd plentiful special effects are incorporated into the Show.

Luxury Show “DreamGirls” is a short performance, the embodiment of fantasies, the game of imagination…luxury and stunning costumes, mesmerizing music, grace of female bodies merging in a united dance of passion and love.

In the current repertoire of “DreamGirls”, there are more than 30 performances.

During ten years of fruitful work, Luxury Show “DreamGirls” has won the hearts of spectators, including leading international celebrities from all over the world:

The show is currently cooperating with Star Cruise and Dream Cruise companies (Hong Kong).
In February 2020, DreamGirls presented the incredible Dream On show at the cabaret theater in St. Petersburg. 12 best dancers, live vocals, aerial acrobats and entertainers shone on one stage. All dances are accompanied by unique video content.

"DreamGirls” is the luxurious show that no equivalent in the World!