Cake - DreamGirls


"Pop out Cake"

Surprise your honey or best friend!
It doesn't matter WHERE, they'll take our Present Pop out Cake at any place: at the restaurant, cafe, hotel room, sauna, at the street, office or even at your place!

It even doesn't matter WHO can appear out of the cake: you, your friends, a gala day latecomer, any dancer or performing artist, or even a spectacular alive butterfly fireworks or ballons!

Whatever the occasion, it can be made stand out with our Present Pop out Cake: birthday, jubilee, marriage, any kid's big day, office party, surprise for your boss or coworker, bachelor's party, men or women's day and a New Year!

All layers of the Pop out Cake can be decorated upon your wish: according the party style, or just beautify wih flowers, sweeties or drinks.

On the top of the Pop out Cake we may put the real Cake, made specially for our occasion.
That could be the wonderful serving of your Wedding Cake, or a funny kid's Cake at the high point of the children's party.